Payzip groups your weekly payments into one single transaction and pays this into your club's bank account.  This weekly payout can be viewed from your admin dashboard by clicking Payouts in the sidebar menu. This shows all the payouts Payzip has made to your club, with the most recent first. 

We make this payment by BACS, so payments normally show on a Wednesday morning in your club's account.

The amount paid to the club is the total of your members' payments less Payzip's service fee.  We show this to make it easy to understand the amount of money arriving in the club's bank account.

To view a specific week's payout in more detail, just click it to open it.

You'll see a breakdown of each member's payment, the service fee, and the balance remaining.  The total of the Balance column is what we paid to the club that week.

The bank transaction will have the same "PZ-2xxx" reference number as at the top of the breakdown, to make it easy to cross-reference your bank transactions with Payzip.