Sometimes you may need to handle manual payments - i.e. cash, cheques and BACS payments.  Payzip makes this straightforward. 

Navigate to your member invoice by clicking Invoices in the sidebar, then the invoice set, then the member's specific invoice.

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Note that you can see all activity on this invoice to-date by clicking on "Activity & notes" on the right-hand payment pane.

To record a new manual payment, on the Record payment tab, type in the amount, choose the date they paid and select the type of payment.  Press the Record payment button to save the new payment, and the invoice will update to show the new payment.

Members can part-pay you this way too.  When the amount they've paid doesn't equal the invoice total, the invoice will remain unpaid.  Payments made to-date will be shown below the Total figure:

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Note that you can always remove a manual payment, so if you make a mistake just remove the payment and record a new one in its place.

A fully-paid invoice looks like this:

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Payzip now removes the Record payment pane because this invoice is satisfied, showing the Activity & notes section.  The payment pane will re-appear if you remove any manual payments from the invoice. You cannot remove card payments.

When members pay by card, you don't need to do anything - we record the payment for you and update the invoice balance.  We also record the exact time the payment was made on card payments.

No matter how a member pays, Payzip issues an email receipt automatically.